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Aster Family
Eupatorium serotinum  (late flowering eupatorium)   
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Carex Section
Meaning of Scientific Name
Eupatorium: named for Mithridates VI Eupator, King of Pontus who is said to have discovered an antidote to a commonly used poison in one of the species; serotinum: serum, Latin for late
Life Form
Perennial Herb
Phenology (Flowering Period)
Physiographic Province
☐ Piedmont
☑ Coastal Plain

County Distribution
☑ New Castle
☑ Kent
☑ Sussex

Pine woodlands, salt marsh edges, swamps, roadsides, coastal sands
State Status
Piedmont Status
Coastal Plain Status
Global Rank
Federal Status
Geographic Affinity
Species at Limit of Distribution
☐ Northern
☐ Southern

North American Distribution (Non-indigenous Species)
Coefficient of Conservatism
Invasive Watchlist
Global Origin (Non-native Species)
Wildlife Values
Nectar and pollen attract many insects; caterpillars of several Moths feed on plant parts.
Medicinal Properties
ID Notes
Additional Info
The hybrid Eupatorium ?truncatum - with the purported parents being E. perfoliatum and E. serotinum - has been collected in Delaware (Kent Co., 1986, A.Tucker 313, DOV).
Habitats in which this plant occurs