Salt Symposium Agenda 10/29/19


Opening Remarks
Dr. Emily Whiting, NPDES Program Manager, Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT)

Snowfall on Delmarva: Forecasting, History and the Future
Daniel J. Leathers, Delaware State Climatologist Director, CEMA Department of Geography, University of Delaware

Delaware’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan
Mark Luszcz, Deputy Director, Division of Transportation Solutions, DelDOT

Monitoring in Chester County
Drew Reif, Biologist, USGS Pennsylvania Water Science Center

Chloride Impacts on Groundwater from Stormwater Practices
Scott Andres and Rachel McQuiggan, Hydrogeologists, Delaware Geological Survey

Saltwater Intrusion on Agricultural Fields
Dr. Jarrod Miller, Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist, University of Delaware

Addressing the Accotink Creek Chloride TMDL
Tracey Harmon, Virginia Department of Transportation

Delaware Department of Transportation
Jason McCluskey, South District Maintenance Engineer, DelDOT

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT)
Jason Norville, Winter Section Chief, PennDOT