UD Water Science and Policy Graduate Student Jillian Young receives the Biden School Excellence in Water Resources Scholarship Award (May 15, 2019)


Hayley Rost (Master of Public Administration, MPA)
Sophie Phillips (M.S. Energy and Environmental Policy, MEEP)
Elizabeth Shields (Master of Public Policy, MPP)
Megan Wassail (B.S. Environmental Engineering)
Sophia Talley (B.S. Environmental Engineering)
Megan Jarocki (B.S. Environmental Engineering)


Hayley Rost (Master of Public Administration, MPA)
Sophie Phillips (M.S. Energy and Environmental Policy, MEEP)
Shannon Bushinsky (B.S. Environmental Engineering)
Patrick McGay (B.S. Environmental Engineering)
Karmyn Pasquariello (B.S. Environmental Engineering)


Kelly Jacobs (M.S. Energy and Environmental Policy)
Matt Kirchoff (M.S. Energy and Environmental Policy)
Polly Ni (Environmental Engineering)
Justin Leary (Environmental Engineering)
Mary Kegelman( Engineering)


Jillian Young (M.S. Water Science and Policy)
Kelly Jacobs (M.S. Energy and Environmental Policy)
Karice Redhead (M.S. Energy and Environmental Policy)
Alyssa Cortese (B.S. Environmental Science)
Natalie Zimmerman (B.S. Geological Sciences)


School of Public Policy and Administration Excellence in Water Resources Scholarship Awardees

Jillian Young (M.S. Water Science and Policy)
Briana Diacopoulos (M.S. Water Science and Policy)
Jordan Martin (M.S. Water Resources Engineering)


Chelsi Cambell (B.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Matthew Ludington, (M.S. Water Science and Policy) | LinkedIn Profile
Andrea Miller, (B.A. Environmental Studies)
Maya Kassoff, (B.S. Environmental Science) | LinkedIn Profile


Laura Askin (Public Administration)
Samantha Brucker (Urban Affairs and Public Policy)
Kristen Molfetta (Water Science and Policy)
​Matthew Ludington (Water Science and Policy)

Jillian Allen (Civil and Enviromental Engineering)
Matt Bachman (Water Science and Policy)
Hannah Diehl (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Asia Dowtin (Geography)
Andrew Colletti (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Tobias Muller (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Danielle Notvest (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Kelli Platt (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Radhika Samant (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Julie Swanson (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Sara Veale (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Kevin Archibald (Biology)
Emily Baumbach (Natural Resources Management)
Joe Brown (Urban and Regional Planning)
Asia Dowtin (Geography)
Caren Fitzgerald (English and Environmental Studies)
Kate Miller (Water Science and Policy)
Thomas Santangelo (Water Science and Policy)
Kelsey Wentling (Environmental Studies)

Devika Banerjee (Environmental Studies)
Catherine Cruz-Ortiz (Energy and Environmental Policy)
Kaitlyn Cyr (Environmental Studies)
Jordan Deshon (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Ian Kaliaken (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Seth Olsen (Natural Resources Management)

Erica Addonizio (Chemical Engineering)
Dustin Briggs (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Sarah Chatterson (Urban Affairs and Public Policy)
Chelsea Halley (Natural Resources Management)
Lawrence Latour (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Stacy Mack (Urban Affairs and Public Policy)
Erin McVey (Urban Affairs and Public Policy)
David Specht (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Kayla Iuliano (Geography)
Audrey Yorke (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Kaci Angeline (Geography)
Erika Farris (Urban Affairs and Public Policy)
Maureen Seymour (Urban Affairs and Public Policy)
Kelly Wolfe (Urban Affairs and Public Policy)

Jonathan Barton (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Kyle Campbell (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Christi DeSisto (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Erin Dilworth (Natural Resources Management)
Kiersten Joesten (Matural Resources Management)
Angelina Micheva (Urban Affairs and Public Policy)
Mary Kate O’Brien (Natural Resources Management)
Julie Trick (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Laura Yayak (Natural Resources Management)

Andrew Belden (Energy and Environmental Policy)
Priscilla Cole (Energy and Environmental Policy)
Jyoti Karkhi (Energy and Environmental Policy)

Molly Hesson (Energy and Environmental Policy)
Kevin Vonck (Urban Affairs and Public Policy)
Melissa Zechiel (Urban Affairs and Public Policy)

Steven Ernest (Natural Resources Management)
Elaine Grehl (Horticulture Administration, Longwood Graduate Program)
Andrew Kauffman (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Laura Robinson (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Lori Schnick (Geology)

Amy Dolan (Energy and Environmental Policy)
Sarah Wozniak (Energy and Environmental Policy)

Justin Bower (Urban Affairs and Public Policy)
Martha Corrozi (Urban Affairs and Public Policy)
Jarod Doucette (Electrical Engineering)
Tara Harrell (Natural Resources Management)

Jennifer Campagnini (Natural Resources Management)

Nigel Bradly (Marine Policy)
Anne Kitchell (Marine Policy)

Tammy Brant (Marine Policy)
Jennifer Egan (Geology)
Maryjane Middelkoop (Marine Policy)

Kareem Ali (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Rose Marie Alicea (Education)
Suzanna Donohue (Marine Policy)

Annemarie Cinaglia (Geography)
Katie Miller (Geography)
Tammy Nguyen (Geography)

Daniel Blevins (Geography)
Erin Guire (Geography)
Marcia Horner (Geography)
Matt Kennedy (Geography)
Bryan Lennon (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Carin Cataldi (Geography)
Ty Fitzpatrick (Geography)
Leon Palermo (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Lori Blackburn
David Mannering (Geography)
Gail Slevin (Geography)
Anne Welsh
Toby Wolf (Geography)