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Maple Family
Acer rubrum var. trilobum  (Carolina red maple)   
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Carex Section
Meaning of Scientific Name
Acer: sharp, in reference to the hardness of maple wood which was used for spears by Roman soldiers; rubrum: red colored; trilobum: three-lobed
Life Form
Perennial Tree
Phenology (Flowering Period)
Physiographic Province
☑ Piedmont
☑ Coastal Plain

County Distribution
☑ New Castle
☑ Kent
☑ Sussex

Tidal and non-tidal swamps, low ground, moist woodlands, floodplains, stream banks
State Status
Piedmont Status
Coastal Plain Status
Global Rank
Federal Status
Geographic Affinity
Species at Limit of Distribution
☐ Northern
☐ Southern

North American Distribution (Non-indigenous Species)
Coefficient of Conservatism
Invasive Watchlist
Global Origin (Non-native Species)
Wildlife Values
The seeds of red maple provide food for Quail, Grosbeaks and other birds, as well as small mammals. The flowers are an important early pollen and nectar source for bees. Maples are widely used by inchworms (Geometridae), as well as the Rosy Maple Moth (Dryocampa rubicunda), the Oval-based Prominent (Peridea basitriens), the Retarded Dagger Moth (Acronicta rubicoma), the Orange-humped Maple Worm (Symmerista leucitys), the Maple Looper (Parallelia bistriaris), and the Baltimore Bomolocha (Bomolocha baltimoralis).
Medicinal Properties
ID Notes
Leaves unlobed or 3 lobed.
Additional Info
Occurs throughout the eastern U.S., but primarily in swamps.
Habitats in which this plant occurs
Black Ash Seepage Swamp
Coastal Plain Seasonal Ponds (Isolated non-tidal forested wetland)
Forest Interior (Non-tidal Wetland Coastal Plain)
Forested Floodplains and Riparian Swamps (Coastal Plain)
Freshwater Shrub Tidal Wetlands
Freshwater Forested Tidal Wetlands
Isolated Non-tidal Forested Wetlands (Coastal Plain)
Peat Wetlands (Acidic Fens)
Ponds, Lakes, and Reservoirs (Millponds)
Seepage Slope Closed Canopy Non-tidal Wetland (Coastal Plain)
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