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Heath Family
Vaccinium macrocarpon  (cranberry)   
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Carex Section
Meaning of Scientific Name
Vaccinium: from the Latin for bilberry; macrocarpon: large-fruited
Life Form
Perennial Subshrub
Phenology (Flowering Period)
Physiographic Province
☐ Piedmont
☑ Coastal Plain

County Distribution
☑ New Castle
☐ Kent
☑ Sussex

Inner-dune swales and rarely in Atlantic white cedar swamps and abandoned sandpits
State Status
Piedmont Status
Coastal Plain Status
Global Rank
Federal Status
Geographic Affinity
Species at Limit of Distribution
☐ Northern
☐ Southern

North American Distribution (Non-indigenous Species)
Coefficient of Conservatism
Invasive Watchlist
Global Origin (Non-native Species)
Wildlife Values
Fruit used by many wildlife species; host plant for Callophrys henrici (Henry's Elfin Butterfly), Celastrina argiolus (Spring Azure Butterfly) and Satyrium liparops (Striped Hairstreak Butterfly).
Medicinal Properties
Parts used: Berry. Internally used as juice or in capsule form for urinary tract infections and to reduce occurrence of gastric ulcers. Regular consumption of cranberries used to lower LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol.
ID Notes
Additional Info
Natural distribution ranges from the north, south to the souteast Virginia and eastern North Carolina.
Habitats in which this plant occurs
Beach and Dune Habitats (Interdunal Wetlands, herbaceous, shrub, forested)
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