The water, natural resources, and ecosystems in the Christina River watershed contribute an economic value of $98 million to $3.4 billion annually to the Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland economies.  This report examines that economic value in three different ways:

1. Economic value directly related to the Christina River watershed water resources and habitats. The Christina River watershed contributes to over $3.4 billion in annual economic activity from water quality, water supply, fish/wildlife, recreation, agriculture, forests, and public parks benefits.

 2. Value of goods and services provided by the Christina River watershed ecosystems. Using natural capital as a measure of value, habitat in the Christina River watershed provides $98.9 million annually in ecosystem goods and services in 2010 dollars, with a net present value (NPV) of $3.2 billion calculated over a 100-year period.

 3. Employment related to Christina River watershed resources and habitats.  Using employment as a measure of value, natural resources within the Christina River watershed directly and indirectly supports over 40,000 jobs with over $1.5 billion in annual wages.

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