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The waters of the Christina Basin provide 75 percent of the public water supply for residents and businesses of New Castle County, Del., and 40 percent of the water supply for Chester County, Pa. The streams and wells provide 100 million gallons per day to over one-half million people in the three states. Public water suppliers in the Basin include:

  • Artesian Water Company
  • City of Newark
  • United Water Delaware
  • City of Wilmington
  • West Grove Borough
  • Avondale Borough
  • Kennett Square Borough
  • Downingtown Municipal Utilities Authority
  • City of Coatesville Authority
  • Philadelphia Suburban Water Company

In addition to water supply, the streams of the Christina Basin provide many ecological and recreational uses.  For example,

  • Over 2,700 trout stamps are sold to Delaware fisherman annually.
  • In Delaware, 30,000 trout are stocked annually.
  • Many canoeists and kayakers ply their craft between landings along the Brandywine Creek.
  • Delaware mariners residing in the Basin own 8,400 registered boats.
  • Thousands of people visit Marsh Creek State Park, Brandywine Creek State Park, White Clay Creek State Park, and the bi-state White Clay Creek Preserve for recreational pursuits.

According to State surface water–quality standards, the streams in the Christina Basin provide the following designated uses:


  • Public, agricultural, and industrial water supply
  • Primary and secondary contact recreation
  • Fish, aquatic life, and wildlife
  • Cold water fish (put-and-take trout)
  • Water of exceptional recreational and ecological significance


  • Potable, industrial, and livestock water supply
  • Irrigation
  • Water contact sports and aesthetics
  • Boating and fishing
  • Wildlife water supply
  • Trout stocking and migratory fish
  • Cold water and migratory fish
  • High-quality or exceptional value waters